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Written on:March 7, 2016
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I did it. It’s too late. Nobody can stop me now.

I recorded a thing. No, really, and not only that, but I uploaded it to Hacker Public Radio!

I’m pretty sure everyone assumed I’d been abducted by ravenous space-alien humanitarians (i.e. like “vegetarians”, but for humans instead of vegetables) but that’s not what’s kept me from getting recordings done at all.

Now that the ordinary audio is uploaded into the Hacker Public Radio workflow I need to try to get an “enhanced” version in .opus format assembled to put up here. I should have that posted Real Soon Now. Meanwhile, once processed, my new episode on how to turn a cast-off thin-client computer into a media-playing kiosk-style appliance. I haven’t tried doing a “step-by-step tutorial” sort of thing previously, so this half-hour-long episode will be an interesting experiment. I think it came out okay.

Links and “enhanced” media to follow…

UPDATE: I’ve got the chapter-marks worked out now – just a few supplemental graphics and a slightly redone intro and I’ll be ready to post!

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