Raw recording of Episode 0002 is done, Editing in progress…

Written on:March 25, 2013
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I finally got around to getting my first episode on Ingress recorded. It needs a little clean-up, volume adjustment, a little minor mixing, and some written show notes, but it sounds like the audio is in pretty good shape. I should be able to get it done and uploaded by sometime tomorrow (well, “later today” by my clock’s reckoning, since it’s now “tomorrow” from when I started).

After an online discussion with Philip Durbin on Google+ I think I also need to set up a couple of static “pages” with all my previous audio collected together, one of which ought to be (initially-hand-generated for practice) an Atom feed so people who have just found me but want to pull what I’ve done previously into a “podcatcher” program (like AntennaPod, which is my current favorite) can easily do so. I need to figure out how to structure Atom feed entries anyway so I can help get an Opus feed going for Hacker Public Radio, too. I’ve gotten behind on working on the submission-upload webpage that should help build that.

I’m thinking about moving ALL of my previous audio here (including my old “Stir-Fried Stochasticity” science shows, which I really need to start doing again too, and maybe even random bits like my short ghost story. I’m thinking about just removing the site at least for a while, in hopes that the brain-dead weenies in East Asia who insist on using an old “Blogspot” theme that includes a blank(!), no longer existing graphic hotlinked to my OLD site as a background graphic and clogging up my webserver logs with their 404 errors will finally go the foop away.

Anyway, keep watching this space for more changes and updates. I may stick an Opus version of my Ingress episode up early for anyone who doesn’t want to wait for the Ogg Vorbis or crappy-old-mp3 versions to appear in the main Hacker Public Radio feed.

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