HPR Saturday Session (2013-03-23) – “What is Hacking?”

Written on:March 24, 2013
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I’ve just gotten the audio uploaded to show up in the HPR queue (and it’s not posted here – though if anyone wants I can always generate a .opus version to put up). Just thought I’d mention that I participated in one of Nido’s “Hacker Public Radio Saturday Session” recordings where we had a panel discussion on what “Hacking” is.

Like a lot of these impromptu discussions the four of us who were there rambled a lot, but it might interest some of you when it shows up in the HPR queue in a week or two.

Meanwhile, if all goes according to plan (stop laughing, it could happen!) I’ll have finished recording, editing, and uploading part 1 of my Ingress episodes for HPR by tomorrow and gotten started on part 2.

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