*3* HPR episodes in progress…

Written on:February 8, 2015
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I started up a “grab-bag” episode covering three sets of topics and realized each one had plenty of material to be its own episode, so now I’m working on 3 episodes…

An episode on “Things to do with discarded/obsolete Android phones” (part 1: stuff that you can do by just installing and running free apps without root access or custom firmware) has plenty of fun in it, and will end with a segue to a second episode which will be a review of the “studio condenser microphone for mobile devices” that I waited 8 friggin’ months to finally get (Nady SCM-700), which will in turn lead naturally to a third episode with a discussion of whether or not there is a way to make valid legally-free mp3 audio without trespassing on the remaining patents [and if so, how].

Then, I should probably do another “Stir-Fried Stochasticity” episode. I’ve been wanting to do a big “Gram stain” episode for years.

My semi-official resolution for the new year is to do a lot more internet audio. In addition to HPR, I’m trying to get a couple of books read for librivox and maybe start up an adventure audio drama for fun (LostNBronx’s ongoing HPR Series on the subject encourages me, but it’s not his fault…)

Stay tuned, comments welcome and, indeed, begged for (seriously, any form of expressed interest temporarily suppresses my natural human laziness from telling me “ah, nobody’s going to notice if you don’t do anything…”)

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