Thoughtkindness Episode 01 – “In Defense of Media Freetardation”

Written on:October 24, 2012
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Looking at the calendar now, a little over a month since this episode went into the Hacker Public Radio queue, it appears Thoughtkindness Episode 01 is just about to hit the feed, so I’ll go ahead and put the Opus version up here.

As of today (October 24th, 2012), Chrome/Chromium and Opera still aren’t yet updated enough to support it, but Firefox (version 15 and later – currently “Stable” version as of now is version 16) on all platforms, including Firefox for Android, can support it just fine. Reportedly, Opera on Linux may also support it if you have opus support for gstreamer installed.

I’m not even going to think about the trailing Apple and Microsoft browsers – I’m guessing Apple may never even acknowledge Opus’ existence, and Microsoft will probably take a year or two if ever. Their both minority browsers though, and they refuse support for this kind of thing intentionally, so they can just go bite themselves while the rest of us move on. (Chrome/Chromium WILL eventually support opus (see the September 12th, 2012 comment), but as usual there’s no way to find out when. Google’s too important to communicate with us plebes (what IS going on with WebM, anyway?…)

Enough about that, though – the point is, if you have a modern and sufficiently freedom-loving browser, you can listen to this episode in awesome high-quality Opus format right here on this page. I’ll include a direct download/stream link below the HTML5 audio player if you want to download it for use in an opus-capable media player (current “developer” builds of Rockbox support it) or to stream to, say, VLC (version 2.0.4 and later support Opus, as do the current “nightly” builds of VLC for Android).

So – if you have working opus support and want to listen to nearly and hour and a half of legally-free-media promotion, you can do it here:
Hacker Public Radio logo

EDIT 20121025T201000Z:You can check your browser’s HTML5 audio format support at the HTML5 audio test page that I built…

You can directly download the file from, or paste that URL into VLC or other Opus-supporting media players to stream directly.

Comments welcome! Meanwhile, I have to figure out which of the next three subjects I have lined up will be “Thoughtkindness Episode 02″…

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  1. Lonnie says:

    Please put out more episodes, you’re very entertaining and informative love the show.

  2. Epicanis says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! So far the response has been uniformly positive, so I’ll be doing more (and much sooner than “a year from now”).

    I’ll have a followup post here about the upcoming topics sometime in the next few days…

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