Finally: Thoughtkindness Episode 01 is off for review

Written on:September 23, 2012
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I finally got it done.

Thoughtkindness Episode 01: “In Defense of Media Freetardation” went from being a small piece of advocacy to an hour-and-twenty-minute behemoth covering technical, legal, and ethical issues. I then foolishly publically committed myself to working on a software project. We’ll see how people like it (both the episode and the software idea).

I got the Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and Speex versions of the episode assembled, got the “Hacker Public Radio” intro and outro music added (along with the couple of seconds of “prologue” and “epilogue” before and after, as I seem to have gotten into the habit of doing), got the metadata inserted, and uploaded all three files to Hacker Public Radio’s FTP site for review. Assuming I didn’t screw anything up, the Media Overlord there will check them and put them in the schedule. Right now, it looks like it’ll be 3-4 weeks before this episode gets published, but after taking more than a year to get the dang thing done I really can’t complain…

It’s possible I may post an opus version here before then, though, if I (or anyone else) gets too impatient.

Meanwhile, this gives me about a month or so to get a head start on the software and to figure out what Thoughtkindness Episode 02 will be about. Currently, I’m considering a more technical/tutorial followup to episode 01 (about how to produce audio for the web), an episode speculating on the proper use of language to influence, and of course an episode on geotagging. Various less-thought-out ideas are floating around as well.

Any ideas?

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  1. Epicanis says:


    As a teaser, here are the show notes:

    Today’s episode of “Thoughtkindness” consists of:

    • Me begging for forgiveness for disappearing for a year.
    • An update on “bunnies”, my linux laptop from Ohava Computers
    • Over an hour of my attempt to collect and explain why we need
      to make media on the internet more “freetarded”

    After revealing what ticked me off and made me start on this episode, I
    launch into a short technical and historical talk about the handful of audio
    and video files that matter on the web today.

    (Opus, Ogg Vorbis, WebM, MP3, Flash Video, MP4, and a few others).

    Following this, I explain why I think the legally-free media formats are
    so important, and much more useful than most people seem to recognize, why
    I think we need to be paying more attention to audio than video, and what
    needs to happen to make legally-free media ubiquitous.

    I conclude by once again begging for attention and foolishly publically
    announcing that I want to try to develop some software and invite everyone
    to pester me for it as well as for future audio shows. Maybe I won’t be
    allowed to procrastinate for another year before producing more this time.

    Let me know if this is helpful or at least entertaining…

    Note: an Opus version of this episode will be available at for either online listening in
    Firefox 15 or later, or downloading for listening in VLC or
    other Opus-supporting applications.

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